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Will on his Epiphone Bass



Welcome to Will Cornish's web page. This web-page is designed as a resume and information centre for interested employers. If you want any further information about me or want to contact me, send me an e-mail. I will be happy to respond to any of your e-mails. My address is cor...@creativestudent.com.

Also, for your information, all the pictures of gear on this page I own and use.

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Epiphone Viola Bass



I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was raised and still reside in London, Ontario, Canada. Other than music, my hobbies are movies, sports (baseball, basketball, and football), and social occasions with friends.

I am very hard working and dedicated individual. I am eager to learn and tackle any new challenges. I thrive on hard work and believe that teamwork on any project produces the best results.

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A.B. Lucas Secondary School, Ontario Secondary School Diploma(OSSD) and Ontario Academic Credits(OAC)

Music Industry and Arts at Fanshawe College (London, ON, Canada) April 2000

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Work Experience

Oct. 1998 - Present   General Merchandise, Loblaws Fanshawe Market
- Stock shelves
- General customer service

May 1998 - Present   Landscaping & House Maintenance, Self Employed

Nov. 2000   Data Entry Operator, Elections Canada

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Studio Experience
  Two years studio and recording experience; producing and engineering.

Peavey 24-Channel ConsoleConsoles:
- SONY MXP 3000 mixing console
- SONY MXP 3036VF mixing console
- Optifile Automation

Audio Recorder:
- SONY APR - 24
- ProTOOLS 24/MIX CORE System plus DAW

- Ashly Audio - Stereo Parametric Equalizer - Model SC-66
- BOSS Digital Pitch Shifter & Delay - RPS-10
- BOSS SE-50 Stereo effect processor
Yamaha BBG4s Electric Bass - Yamaha REV-500 - Reverb processor
- EMT 240 Reverb Foil
- DEP-5 digital effects processor
- Rane ME-30 - Graphic Equalizer
- Sony R7 - Digital Rev & efx
- Sony F7 - Dynamic Filter
- Sony MUR201 - Digital Rev & efx
- Yamaha SPX90 - Digital Rev & Pitch
- EMT140 - Analog Reverb Plate
- Lexicon PCM41 - Digital Delay

Compressors / Limiters / Gates / Enhancers :
- Furman Sound QN-4 Quad Noise Gate
- Drawmer Dual - Auto Compressor
- BSS DPR402 - Duo Compressor
- UREI 1176 - Single Compressor
- SPL Vitalizer - Stereo Enhancer

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Music Experience
  Fender Crate

Rocked the joint with the Feel'n Frisky Swing Orchestra as the bass player

8 years of music experience spanning from elementary school through to post-secondary school.

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MP3 Demos

All I Need (Is You With Me) (MP3 Format - 2.4MB)

    Written, Produced, and Arranged by: Jason Mizener
    Engineered by: Will Cornish

  • Recorded at Studio Two in Fanshawe College
  • Recorded and Mixed on 24 track Tape Recorder
  • Used Optifile Automation

New Day (MP3 Format - 4.4MB)

    Written, Produced, and Arranged by: Will Cornish
    Engineered by: Peter Ogborn, Bob Guido, Neil Parfitt, Mike Phillips, and Will Cornish
    Assistants: Matt Gowing and Jason Mizener

    Vocals - Andrew Grant
    Guitars - Evan Champagne (acoustic and electric) and Nathan Handy (backwards electric)
    Bass - Will Cornish
    Drums - Ryan Champagne
    Samples - Neil Parfitt and Will Cornish
    Percussion - Will Cornish

  • Recorded at the Fanshawe College Fine Art Room and Studio 2 at Fanshawe College
  • Recorded on 24 track Recorder
  • Samples - Protools
  • Used Optifile Automation

Bring Me Sunshine (MP3 Format - 3.4MB)

    Produced by: Patrick Dunning
    Mix Engineered: Will Cornish

  • Recorded and mixed at Studio 2 Fanshawe College
  • Recorded and Mixed on 24 track Tape Recorder

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